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Accounting and Business Consulting

Updated: May 2, 2018

Clay Price & Associates, P.A. Provides consulting services in a wide variety of areas to assist you with developing budgets, strategic plans and helping you as a sounding board for management of your business or family finances.

Developing A Budget

Important benefits of improving the budgeting process include better companywide understanding of strategic goals, more coordinated support for those goals, and an improved ability to respond quickly to competition

A budget is key in beings able to achieve your strategic goals through the systematic allocation of your business resources: financial, physical, and human. We help you develop a budget that will assist in the tracking of goal progress, spending control, and development of cash flow and profit forecasts. The pace at which technology changes and the complexities of competition make creating effective budgets both more difficult and more important. This is why hiring a consultant with years of experience can benefit your business and financial efforts.

Developing a Strategic Plan

A strategic plan is a document used to communicate with the organization the organization's goals, the actions needed to achieve those goals and all of the other critical elements developed during the planning exercise.

Developing a strategic plan might seem like an overwhelming process, but with Price & Associates consulting team, it’s done easily and with the highest level of professionalism. Here’s an example of a common four-step approach:

  1. Analysis or assessment, where an understanding of the current internal and external environments is developed

  2. Strategy formulation, where high level strategy is developed and a basic organization level strategic plan is documented 

  3. Strategy execution, where the high level plan is translated into more operational planning and action items

  4. Evaluation or sustainment / management phase, where ongoing refinement and evaluation of performance, culture, communications, data reporting, and other strategic management issues occurs

A strategic plan can mean the difference between success and failure. It can help you take your small business to places you never thought possible. If you haven’t already done so, take the time to think about your strategic plan now. It will help keep your small business on track and you focused on the future.


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